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Re: AudiWatch (Tm) Quattro Challenge POSTPONED

  Kinda like that statement some people use...  The mind is willing, if only
the flesh was able.   Never figured out what they were talking about ;) but
I guess it applies here.   The Audis could handle the weather, but they'd
most likely close the track down for the safety of the "other" cars...


> Postponed due to inclement weather?  I thought this was the _Quattro_ 
> Challenge?
> Alex Chernushin
>  ----------
> From: quattro-owner
> To: quattro
> Subject: AudiWatch (Tm) Quattro Challenge POSTPONED
> Date: Wed, Apr 19, 1995 6:01PM
>   The AudiWatch (tm) Quattro Challenge scheduled for this Wed, April 19,
>   has been postponed due to inclement weather. We will try again next
>   Wednesday, April 26th. Sorry about the late notice, been holding out
>   'till the last minute. In fact, if it clears up by the time I get to Rte
>   93 and Rte 101, I'll head for the track! If you have a CB radio be on CH
>   19 and give a shout for "the quattro".
>   -glen