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Radio Shlack RC Audi (was 1:18 scale Audi Avus)

> Dave Lawson writes:
> >Richard  Davis writes:
> >> Ti,
> >> Come on now, anyone can buy a prebuilt buggy!  For my money, the  model 
> is
> > the Tamiya TQC Euro version.  Building a replica of my car as we speak.
> Ti writes
> >Actually, I have three of the Tamiya 1:24 scale plastic models.
> >Two of these are the Euro early TQCs, and one is the rally
> >car (Michele Mouton/Fabrizia Pons's world championship car).
> >I also have an Audi 90Q 1:24 model from Fujimi.
> >These I built myself, and proudly shares the display case with
> >the Avus.
> I also have both the TQC road car and rally car models from Tamiya, not 
> built yet. And lets not forget the 1:8 or 1:10 scale Radio Schlak radio 
> control rally TQC which was available around the mid-80s, got one of those 
> too. The lights light up and it has miniature fuchs 5 spokes. Anyone else 
> have this guy?
>  -
> Dave Lawson dlawson

  I have one of these babies as well.  I must say that it need some restoration
though.  As an 11 y/o I put it through it's paces. (If you think the US spec.
bumpers are ugly on an Audi, you should see the bumpers RS mounted on these
things... needed 'em tho! ;) )  I'll have to dig it out of storage and see
what she looks like now.