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Re: Euro Headlights for 1990 Coupe Q

Alex Chernushin sez:
> I've checked into headlights for the Coupe Quattro, and price range varies 
> from $250 each to $400 each.  I think Frank Deutschmann has put the 
> Euro-lights on his car, so he may be able to provide more info.

Yup, been there, done that, got the bruised knuckles to prove it!

I got a set of Bosch euro lights from EuroPart at an insane price of ~$650-700,
from memory.  The kind I got are just a single H4, no driving light -- if
I did it again, I might try to get the version which has a driving light
built in, but I'm not sure they will fit (oh, I have a '91 Coupe).  I have
a feeling that there may be clearance problems with the grill or side markers,
but I really don't know -- ABT used the driving light version on their Coupe
mods, and they also replaced the  side markers, grill, and hood.

Also, I think the version with the driving lights may not mate with the stock
side marker/turn signals, and thus require separate turn signals.  ABT
replaces the bumper with a bumper with fogs/turn signals.

> The headlights are not relayed in the stock configuration.

Right you are -- and they are fed by minimal guage wire, it the truest
Audi tradition!  However, the US-delivery Coupes have lots of open relay and
fuse sockets on the fuse and relay blocks, and I found it fairly easy to add
relays in the stock location -- giving the whole thing a professional

> They do not make the headlight covers for the Coupe Quattros.  I thought 
> they would be the same as the 80's and 90's, but no luck.  I have seen in 
> the latest Griots Garage catalog a clear film that can be applied to the 
> headlights to protect them, however.

I have not done anything to protect the headlights, and they have been fine
so far (a little over a year).  The Euro lights seem to have thicker glass,
and seem to be overall better built.  One of my US headlights was chipped
when I removed it, hoever.  I don't recall the Griot's Garage film, but I
think if you are concerned, you could just get yourself some good quality
Helicopter Tape, or the SkiSaver stuff that ski shops sell.  It's probably
the same stuff, and while the SkiSaver version is overpriced (compared to
the Helicopter Tape), its bound to be lots cheaper than Griot's!

> One problem about upgrading to the Euro lights/relay system is the dead bulb 
> indicator in your dash.  You would no longer be monitoring the bulb, but the 
> relay.  I don't know how this circuit works, does it monitor resistance, 
> current flow, or ???  Something to consider.

Ahh, yes, the Audi Time-Check system -- whenever that little display lights
up, it means that your Audi is feeling the urge to spend some serious
quality time with you, at least a few hours!

The bulb monitor seems to be nothing more than a glorified relay, at least
to my brief inspection.  I now have mine set up to monitor my relays.  Originally,
I thought about setting it up in the feed to the headlights, but that would defeat
the purpose of upgrading the wiring.  I also thought about poutting it in the ground
circuit, but that required a long ground run, and I worried about problems with

> I've thought about removing the fog lights and installing the Hella 
> Auxillary lo-beams.  For $110, this may be a better alternative.

The euro-lights are really great, but it may also be a preference thing: if
you have never used euro-style lights before, I would suggest finding someone
else who has them installed, and trying them first.  You may not like the
sharp lighting cutoff, and for this much money, you had better be happy!

Also, installing the lights is a little bit tricky -- if you are not careful,
you can either scratch your paint, or end up taking the enitre front end apart.
I managed to change the lights with just removing the trim strip over the bumper,
and the grill (both fairly easy), but you need to look carefully at how the
front end is put together.

Oh, and I tapped in to the side marker lights for lighting the small running lights
inside the headlights.

I replaced the stock toy fogs with brake cooling ducts, and instead have mounted
new, larger, more useful fogs under the bumper, slightly recessed into the
lower grill -- need to watch that A/C Compressor pulley when you do this!

> Frank, are you still out there?  Maybe you could "shed some light" on the 
> subject.

Hope this helped!

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