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Re: No spark at plug-Yes at coil

 > >It's a non-Audi question, but yet is related. I'm interested in a 80 VW
 > >Scirocco. The guy said there is no spark at the plugs, but spark at the
 > >coil. Sounds like Cap or rotor to me. And to you guys?

Yes, if you mean "... spark at the distributor-end of coil wire". 

But, a weak spark (output voltage) combined with a wide gap and old wires 
might make the difference.
 > and rotor and the construction of these parts look like they were filled
 > (the plastic was filed with) cellulose.  Sawdust. Not an uncommon practice
 > in Phenolic resin moulding.  I seem that when it rained the wood fibers
 > asborbed mositure and became conductive.  
 > ... of tracking; the short was entirely internal.  

Had almost the same thing happen to a '79 Honda Accord. The third-party 
rotor couldn't handle the high-voltage, so, in short time, the coil voltage 
sparked straight through the rotor to the top of the distributor shaft. 
Not moisture dependent, though.

-- Eddi