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Re: No spark at plug-Yes at coil

>It's a non-Audi question, but yet is related. I'm interested in a 80 VW
>Scirocco. The guy said there is no spark at the plugs, but spark at the
>coil. Sounds like Cap or rotor to me. And to you guys?

The cap has a spring loaded carbon "finger" that connects it to the rotor.
It's probably worn down too much. 

Went I bought my '82 Audi 4000, the previous owner said that sometimes it 
won't start, and just replace the distributer cap. 
I replaced it when I started driving it and it went about two years 
with no problems. Then I replaced the cap with one I bought at K-mart.
That lasted about 3 months before the finger was worn down again!

So, buy a brand name cap, and that may fix the problem.

'86 4000CS Quattro