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Re: Alignment techniques

>Is it really that hard to do an alignment *and* get the steering wheel pointing
>straight ahead (i.e. wheel straight = front wheels centered)?!?! I've had
>a couple of alignments done on my '93 90CS, and each time the wheel had ended
>up pointing in a different direction from the front wheels. Not by much, but
>it's annoying.

This is caused by adjusting the tie rod on one side, more than the other. The 
Bentley manual for my car shows a tool that locks the steering rack in the 
"straight ahead" position. At this point, the steering wheel is straight 
ahead (if it hasn't been messed with). Then the wheels are aligned with 
this lock in place.

When the lock is removed, everything should track straight. I wonder how 
many non-dealers have this tool and can do this.

'86 4000CS Quattro