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Tires (Mail Order)

My 86 5000 is in need of new tires.  Just thought I'd ask for a recomendation
on a mailorder tire supplier.  I have seen the Tire Rack discussed here, does
anyone have their phone number.  

Also if someone could reccomend a good tire I'd appreciate it.  My car is not 
a quattro, but I drive on mountain roads a lot (I live in the mountains).  I 
have found that any tire not rated H or better just doesn't last more than
15K miles.  In winter we recieve 60-100 inches of rain so wet traction 
is a must.  I have found Dunlops worked well on my other cars, any experience 
on Audis? 



Dan Simoes			          dans@ans.net
ANS CO+RE Systems, Inc.		         (914) 789-5378
100 Clearbrook Road  			Elmsford, NY 10523