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Re: Tires (Mail Order)

> Also if someone could reccomend a good tire I'd appreciate it.  My car is
> a quattro, but I drive on mountain roads a lot (I live in the mountains).
> have found that any tire not rated H or better just doesn't last more than
> 15K miles.  In winter we recieve 60-100 inches of rain so wet traction 
> is a must.  I have found Dunlops worked well on my other cars, any
> on Audis? 

My father has a '92 100 S (fwd) with only 19k miles, but he's looking at
replacing the OE Dunlop tires--I don't recognize the model--an SP6 or some
such..  This is after regular rotation and proper inflation.  He is not
aggressive in driving, and my mom is even less so.  I've suggested he look at
Michelin XGT-H4 tires, same as on my wife's Accord.  They're not the least
expensive tire you'll find, but they have lasted 30k miles so far and look
good for another 20k.  Unknowns:  handling & noise level vs. Dunlop  (my
guess:  good or better handling but noisier).  btw, these tires have worked
well from the snowy winters of Anchorage to the downpours in Seattle and the
SF Bay area this year!