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Re: Quattro Digest V2 #131

In message <f82ea560@nise-p.nosc.mil>  writes:

> From: glen.powell@smc.com
> Date: 05 Apr 1995 07:28:58 -0400
> Subject: Re: '86 cgt owner: Re: Adjustable Shocks: Spax or others
>   Do those Spax shocks have electrical problems or leak oil?           :)
>   -glen
> Neither one.  But everytime I got near my car with a brewski it 
> turned warm.  Strange.

That's funny, I can't get any AM stations on my OEM shocks, other than that, 
they' pretty free of electrical problems.  Do the Spax work any better?  

And about that warmth business, is it the brewski or the car that turns warm?
If it's the brewski, you may be keeping it in a brit refridgerator (Lucas 
electrics, you know...)  Oh WAIT! (rang his anguished cry)  LOOK!  There's no 
AUDI content in this *entire* stupid message! (Geez, and I was doing so *well*, 
up to this point...<mortified sigh> 
the Bishop is going to be *ever* so disappointed...

Cheers, <vbg>

Frau, Dora
'77 Feline Varmint, Felix, Gray
'86 Carrera Cabriolet, Indischrot
'87 Syncro (Stealth Quattro) Alpenweiss