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Re: An Audi Story

Paul, and all you other fine Q-heads

>           The sad thing is, I had across the top of the winshield: "Audi, 
>           der doppelweltmeister" proceeded by the rings.  Go figure.  Sad 
>           how they teach kids to read in some parts of the country.

I knew it!  The last two days, I haven't been able to get into my govt
post office, (atlantic.nos.noaa.gov) so I've unsubscribed from that
address, and resubscribed under the one above (bartonc@infi.net for those
with brain-damaged mail readers).  ANYHOOO, it's clear that I've been
missing some *Good* stuff as a result of this monkey business. (sigh)

So Paul, what's the story here? (email me soz everbody doesn't have to
shed painful tears all over again...)  TIA & TTFN

Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart