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Re: AM reception

At 2:01 PM 4/5/95, Paul Zajac wrote:
>I have a 1991 Audi 100, The AM section of my radio does not pick up any
>stations. All I hear is static.  The FM and tape portions work fine.  I know
>three other Audi owers with the same problem.
>Is this a common problem?  Does any one know how to fix or at least trouble
>shoot the problem.  Any help is appreciated.

You mean that they still broadcast on AM?  I thought that all the dead
air/hissing noise in my Audi meant that AM is so unprofitable that they
shut down all the stations and went home.  Guess not.  I wonder what I have
been missing, possibly traffic reports!  I guess that if you want to listen
to AM, you don't own an Audi, and usually the same goes for FM too.
Basically we are in our own little world with our own music.

Apple declined to comment.

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