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to ad or not to ad....

Hello all,

    Just like to voice my opinions on the recent discussion of letting 
vendors on the net.  I have been lurking on the net for the past 5 or 6 
months and once in a while I have put in a penny or two. I have benefited 
greatly from the vast collective knowledge of the net on which people have 
been so openly forthcoming and helpful. 
	I think the infusion of vendors will detract from the spirit of this 
forum of free exchange for the same reasons few people have mentioned already-
-- making us more reticent about our hard-earned experiences with our Audis, 
whether it be a crummy part from a certain vendor or some performance trick 
which we have invested many hours of research and mostly likely many $$$$ to 
obtain. I certainly would feel uncomfortable if I have some strongly worded 
criticism on a sub-par vendor knowing that they are listening (I'd still say 
it, but may modify my language a bit) and I certainly would not want a vendor 
to capitalize on my research...

	With this many subscriber all over the country and the world (uk, 
Thailand, ect) I think collectively we subscribed to every Audi and 
automotive literature in print. If you want something or just looking for a 
deal, just post it. Given the level of enthusiasm on the net, I am sure 
you'll get more than you need. It'll be like having hundreds (or maybe 
thousands, how many Dan?) of buying agents out there looking for the best 
deal for your particular need, and you'll most likely get a set of 
interesting "product review" posts from other Q-netters at the same time.  
AND all these services are provided for you at no cost !!!!!!!!!!!

for what it's worth