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Re: Audi engine news from AutoWe

Anthony K.B. Chan writes:

>  Is Audi planning on bringing in the 1.8 liter 20v 4 cylinders A6 to 
>  the US as well? They never brought the 16v 4 cylinders when the 
>  revised 100 was introduced in 91. I read about the 16v 100 was 
>  actually a fairly decent performer in European Car. 

Given typical (legitimate) US driving styles, this engine probably 
would not keep most US drivers happy--I'm guessing that the engine
is a typical small-displacement, high-rev engine with minimal low-end torque.
 As heavy as Audi's are, especially in US trim, that's not a good combination
for us (or Audi's US sales figures).  

My experience ('80 4000 1.6 engine, '88 Jetta GLI 1.8 16v) says you end up
with a high-strung, no-bottom-end car with only moderate fuel mileage--but it
sure is fun winding it out to get all you can from it!

Now if we could do something about this National (low)speed limit of ours, we
might have something there...