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weight differences

Recently, someone (forgot who) posted a weight for a 5ktq of 3360#.  
This is intriguing because my '91 200 Q supposedly weighs in around 3800#
(gvwr - payload capacity), but I've never put it on a scale.  If I remember
correctly, this is about the same # reported in the auto rags.  What's the
diff?  how do i get my weight down?

Based on this, and thinking about my last post (re:  hondas), here's some
power:weight ratios:
    Accord  2400#  120bhp 20#/hp 
    4kcsq   2850#  115bhp  24.3#/hp
    5ktq    3350#  162bhp  21#/hp
    200q20v  3800#  217bhp  18#/hp
This reminds me of a colleague's comment (he's a performance driving
instructor with an '89 944 Turbo):  "the cheapest performance increase is to
reduce the weight of the car."  food for thought.