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Re: weight differences

   Based on this, and thinking about my last post (re:  hondas), here's some
   power:weight ratios:
       Accord  2400#  120bhp 20#/hp 
       4kcsq   2850#  115bhp  24.3#/hp
       5ktq    3350#  162bhp  21#/hp
       200q20v  3800#  217bhp  18#/hp

Lotus Europa   1516#  126bhp  12#/hp  (@ 35 mpg... Nyah Nyah)

And I won't even rub the salt in by noting the Lotus Seven weighs a *lot*
less than that...

   This reminds me of a colleague's comment (he's a performance driving
   instructor with an '89 944 Turbo):  "the cheapest performance increase is to
   reduce the weight of the car."  food for thought.

That was certainly high on Colin Chapman's design philosophy . . .


P.S.	Of course I admit the Europa had neither AC nor a heater (it
	did have a warmer, but I can't in good faith call it a "heater").
	It did have electric windows . . .