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Re: weight differences

On Fri, 7 Apr 1995, Arun Rao wrote:

> > power:weight ratios:
> >     Accord  2400#  120bhp 20#/hp
> >     4kcsq   2850#  115bhp  24.3#/hp
> >     5ktq    3350#  162bhp  21#/hp
> >     200q20v  3800#  217bhp  18#/hp
> 	According to at least one of my manuals, my '85 5KT (non Q)
> 	weighs in at about 2900 lbs (the 4WD system adds 450 lbs??),
> 	and my '92 Accord at 2850 or so.  I find it amazing that
> 	they managed to add 1000 lbs to get the new 200q ... but
> 	then it would seem from the above that the 4WD system alone
> 	adds 450 lbs.

the 4wd system adds 180 pounds.  if you want to compare Q and fwd cars, you
have to compare them for the same year.  the original lightweight 5000/100
gained a lot of weight over the years in many areas such as airbag, ABS,
climate control, power seats, memory seats, heated this, heated that... 
bigger battery and alternator to power the gunk, heavier wiring...  you name
it.  don't forget how spartan the early cars were.  the luxo crap-stuff isn't
weightless.  unfortunately the 5 banger was never upgraded much to match the
weight gain until the 20V turbo appeared. 

the 91 200Q is a different beast because of substantial structural
improvements made to the body, none of which has been publicised.
you have to look at the factory manuals to find out.  the external
appearance remained intact, but a lot changed under the skin.

the quattro drivetrain, if anything remained the same as far as the weight
penalty went.  it was everything else that was responsible for the weight