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Re: weight differences

On Apr 7,  4:43pm, LToy@aol.com wrote:

> Based on this, and thinking about my last post (re:  hondas), here's some
> other
> power:weight ratios:
>     Accord  2400#  120bhp 20#/hp
>     4kcsq   2850#  115bhp  24.3#/hp
>     5ktq    3350#  162bhp  21#/hp
>     200q20v  3800#  217bhp  18#/hp
>-- End of excerpt from LToy@aol.com

	According to at least one of my manuals, my '85 5KT (non Q)
	weighs in at about 2900 lbs (the 4WD system adds 450 lbs??),
	and my '92 Accord at 2850 or so.  I find it amazing that
	they managed to add 1000 lbs to get the new 200q ... but
	then it would seem from the above that the 4WD system alone
	adds 450 lbs.


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