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No Subject

   Back from the post office.  Yes, the calendars weigh 1.5 kilos each.
   No, they are not ten year calendars.  They measure almost two feet
   by three feet and are printed on heavy art board.

Gotta have one...

   To send a box of ten to the US would be $147.00 air mail, $64.30 sea
   mail.  The ten days/two months rule still applies.

I'm perfectly willing to do an Eastern Mass coordination -- i.e., anyone
willing to drive to Arlington, MA and fork over $15/each and pick up his
and/or her calendar (and compare toys, kick tires, shoot politicians,

I.e., I'm assuming there are enough of us nut cases locally to justify
one drop point "here" and not worry about lots of re-mailing hassles
(which I admit I'm not particularly keen to organize).

Anyone specifically interested in this option, please email *ME DIRECTLY*
("rdh@sli.com") and NOT THE WHOLE QUATTRO LIST with a "firm" commit-
ment (I will front the $147, and just blindly trust that it will all
work out in the long run). Naturally, if you have already blipped the
Master Coordinator (Hi Bob!), you should re-coordinate with him.