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Re[2]: Tappet Problem - Help!

          Okay folks,

          I've got my first AEP (tm) Audi Electrical Problem...

          Wife took the 200 out this morning to get bagels. Turned the
          headlights on before she left (as per my instructions, which
          will catch up with me in a bit, read on...) Drove 10
          minutes, parked 10 minutes (with parking lights on, yep she
          fergot!), and the car was dead!

          Now this car has a *new* battery (2 weeks old). I let the
          car sit for a couple of hours and all I got from it was a
          fast clicking from the starter...when I first tried it it
          was totally flat.

          I also noticed a whirring sound coming from something
          directly behind the radiator. No, it wasn't the fan, seemed
          to be part of the fuel system. (with key out)

          Could this have been the problem - something running when it
          shouldn't be, sucking juice...

          BTW, I installed a new trunk light switch Thursday night,
          but it seemed to have a good positive operation and the
          light was cool to the touch when I checked it, so I don't
          think the trunk light has been on....

          I jumped the car and it started right up. What do you folks
          think could be the problem? A fluke?

          Oh, and BTW, I had to get a second set of jumper cables. My
          heavy duty set wouldn't fit on the provided positive lead.

          Thanks in advance,

          Lee Levitt

          1990 Audi 200 61K
          1988 Volvo 745 Turbo 107K