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87 5kTQ InterCooler-AHA!

> You're not looking up the turbo INLET but its OUTLET.

Umm, uhh, Hmm, I knew that.  That's why the other end of the intercooler dumps
right into the intake manifold, geez any idiot could figure that out if he
thought about it for half a second (I only thought about it for a quarter a
second, thus my problems.)  OK, so now that I know which end of the turbo does
what, we move along to my next question.  How the %^&* do you get the @#$%^&*ed
air filter out to replace it?!?  I argued with that car last night for an hour
and a half trying to get that stupid thing out.  I can change the thing on my
(her, whatever) 84 just fine, but I don't have a clue what to do with the
Quattro.  I got all four clips undone, but the backend of the cover hits the O2
sensor only allowing it to move about a half an inch, which just isn't enough
to slide that old filter out.  Do you have to completely remove the fuel
distribution nonsense just to change the air filter?  Bentley says zero, of
course (unless I just couldn't find it, which is entirely possible as well.)  I
love the car and all, but those idiots over in Germany need to talke some
lessons from the Americans on how to locate the air cleaner ON TOP of the motor
so changeing the filter isn't an all-day ordeal.  TIA for any suggesiotns, or
something painfully obvious that I didn't do.

87 5000CS TQ