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Re: 87 5kTQ InterCooler-AHA!

>  Those hereabouts, however, maintain that it is merely
> necessary to remove the headlight assembly and pull it out that way.
> Wait till you come to change the fool filter.

Acutally, I got the air filter out by removing that metal pipe running from the
turbo to the fuel distribution nonsense, and the whole air cleaner cover came
out.  Can't see how removing the headlight on a 5kTQ would help, I think this
is just for QTC's, could be wrong though.  Did the fool filter on the 5kTQ
already, didn't really have too much difficulty.  17mm CrowsFoot made all the
difference for the rear hose bolt, if that is what you had problems with.  On
the '84 5kS the hood struts are mounted further back, changing the fuel filter
on that thing is childs play.  Hell, I used a socket and torque wrench!

87 5000CS TQ