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Re: Steering wheel scraping

On Apr 7,  4:06pm, Steven Buchholz wrote:
> Subject: Re: Steering wheel scraping
> >
> > Also, my steering wheel is making a funny nose from underneath like it is
> > rubbing against something.  Anybody hear of this noise?  I drive a '84
> > 4000SQ.  97K going on 100K, where can I get a grill badge to mark the
> > turnover?
> >
> I had a similar problem when I replaced the steering rack on the 5k.  I
> also found that the horn did not work reliably.  I found that the column
> was scraping on the mount for the axial bearing.  I found that there is a
> spring in the steering column that attempts to push the sttering wheel to-
> ard the driver.  This spring is held in a compressed position by the mount
> to the steering rack.


>-- End of excerpt from Steven Buchholz

I second this motion.  When I replaced the rack on the '84, I had the same
problem.  If you have an assistant it makes life a lot easier.  I didn't, so I
just loosened the bolt on the clamp where the steering column meets the rack,
levered a screwdriver on the top portion of the connecting rod on the steering
rod to pull the steering wheel towards the dashboard, then tightened the clamp
back up.  Worked like a charm.  BTW, keep the screwdriver away from the curtesy
light that mounts by your feet.  Good way to short out all sorts of stuff
(learned the hard way!)

87 5000CS TQ