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Re: Steering wheel scraping

> Also, my steering wheel is making a funny nose from underneath like it is 
> rubbing against something.  Anybody hear of this noise?  I drive a '84 
> 4000SQ.  97K going on 100K, where can I get a grill badge to mark the 
> turnover? 
I had a similar problem when I replaced the steering rack on the 5k.  I 
also found that the horn did not work reliably.  I found that the column 
was scraping on the mount for the axial bearing.  I found that there is a 
spring in the steering column that attempts to push the sttering wheel to-
ard the driver.  This spring is held in a compressed position by the mount 
to the steering rack.  I found that I could loosen the clamp bolt and push 
the mount farther onto the spline and re-tighten it.  This resolved the 
scraping problem and made the horn work reliably.  I noticed that there 
were some rubber pieces in the mount between the column itself and the 
bracket that attaches to the rack ... perhaps one of these has compressed 
and caused a loss of clearance.  

I feel like I haven't done a good job of describing the problem ... feel 
free to contact me directly if you would like more info.

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