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Interior dash lights and paranoia :-)

Hi all

Well, I knew it was a bad day and when my
wife called and said something was wrong with the car 
I was ready to throw in the towel.  It seems on the
way to work she turned her lights on and her dash
and elect. climate control lights went out.  So I figured
fuse maybe, but being at work I didn't know what else 
was on the circuit, so I called my mechanic who told
me what I didn't want to hear. It could be any of a hundred 
faults - ugh.  So I check the fuse - OK - I check the trunk,
the lic. plate lights, and the glove box lights - all OK

Well I'm in the process of moving and I don't have the time
to pull the dash apart, so I call my mech to see if he can
squeeze in a quick look.  He tells me to check the potentiometer
- I say huh? he says you know the dimmer for the dash - 
yes friends when my wife changed the time (daylight
savings time you know) she also turned the dimmer (same
switch) - how did he know? his wife called ten minutes after 
I did with the same problem.  Which leads me to realize
that I'm getting a little bit paranoid about elec. problems and
that I instantly assume any problem will consume all free time
money, and my patience.  God I need help  :-)

Just thought I'd share that..