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Re: 100/200 Q. owners

>   I'm very (!) interested in purchasing a '89-90 200 Q. I was looking in 
>the blue book, and it says about $13.4k and $16.2k for an '89 and '90, 
>respectively. Locally (Denver anyhow), car dealers are asking $14.9k for 
>a '89 200 w/ 63k mi; $16.9k for an '89 w/ 68k mi; and private owners are 
>asking $14.2k for an '89 w/ 65k mi... ( all are Quattro/Turbo ) Is it 
>just me,or are these quite high? Could someone out there in Audi-land 
>tell me what they paid for their 200 Q (89 or 90), miles and condidtion? 
I picked up my 89 200Q Jan 1994 - exterior perfect, interior excellent
cell phone installed, engine OK for 98K- looked like standard dealer service
but not much else - in need of maintenance TLC,  crummy MXV3s
got the dealer to replace 1 caliper and the drivers seat heater and
couple of other little things for $11300 (US) Tax and title included.

I'm glad to know the market hasn't soured on these.

good luck
jim h