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Re: calendars

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Myers <rmyers@olie.wvitcoe.wvnet.edu> writes:

 Robert> Hey, Y'all,

 Robert> Eric has a valid question.  Is anyone keeping track?  If not,
 Robert> I will volunteer to do so for a short while.

 Robert> Anyone wanting a calendar please send me a (short, please)
 Robert> note with your name.  I'll keep a tally and post the results
 Robert> in a week or so.  That way someone (not me, please) who might
 Robert> be willing to take care of repackaging and reshipping can
 Robert> take it from there.  It would probably be a good idea to
 Robert> indicate how much you'd be willing to pay for the calendar.
 Robert> Maybe $12US or something like that?

 Robert> -- Bob

If people sent their city and state, then perhaps we could divide the
people into groups in a smaller geographical area.  I would volunteer
to mail some out, but not 30 or 50.  Based upon the Audi Sport
calender that the QCUSA is sending out, it will be about US$3.00 to
mail (that was UPS from MN to Ellicott City, MD), which would bring
the total cost to (147/10)+3=$17.70 each (assuming airmail, $9.43 in
two months).  This way, people close enough together could eliminate the
us remailing.  A good excuse for quattro gatherings....

	Are these the Audi Sport calendars (front is a great picture
of a D&W 90 quattro with four wheels in the air and a few sparks in
the lower left) or something different?

	-Jim Jensen		jensen@mml.mmc.com
	'90 80 quattro