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Re: calendars

On Fri, 7 Apr 1995, Jim Jensen wrote:

> If people sent their city and state, then perhaps we could divide the
> people into groups in a smaller geographical area.  I would volunteer
> to mail some out, but not 30 or 50.  Based upon the Audi Sport
> calender that the QCUSA is sending out, it will be about US$3.00 to
> mail (that was UPS from MN to Ellicott City, MD), which would bring
> the total cost to (147/10)+3=$17.70 each (assuming airmail, $9.43 in
> two months).  This way, people close enough together could eliminate the
> us remailing.  A good excuse for quattro gatherings....
> -

I am in Meriden CT, and MUST have one. :)

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