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Suspension thoughts

Still working on some of the details (that I hope to make available, but
still in negotiations), but if you read my post, I make no reference to the
fact that the rear end susp is not an engineering masterpiece...  But, a
multi link rear suspension a) should have a roll center that's reasonable and
b) should complement, not conflict with the front susp.  If you look at the
entities separately, the front pretty darn good:  Given that it is a McP
strut type....  And the rear is pretty darn good too, but does have some
probs in its application of design (i'm stopping here) that compromise an
otherwise awesome technical acheivement in a production car....  An in depth
look at the improvemnts on the new "A" series suspension makes my point much
clearer... Not done on this subject yet, but will keep you advised.... :~)