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Re: weight vs hp

Ok, I'll take your "cost" argument....  Let's go the other side with the
"gain" argument, you've trimmed 130lbs (30lbs down in wheels i would argue is
not cheap, but I degress) on your 3350 lb 5ktq @162 (20.6lb/hp) to 3220@162=
19.9lb/hp....  Gain?  Now back to my argument, and I'll leave my stock wheels
on and run a full tank of gas...  Take $400 from that wheel purchase and get
yerself a schrick 272 cam (+25hp claimed, lets take 20 to be consevative)
that gives you 3350lbs @ 187hp = bingo 18lbs/hp....  Your car looks bettr
rolling tho....  :~)  

  Trimming weight gives minimal gains on a street car, and I'll argue the
costs are extremely high vs the hp costs available for these cars....  And
trimming weight comes only when the marginal utility of the next Nth hp
becomes more expensive than the weight loss costs....  I'm pushing 350hp now
and the MU is not close enough to even look at weight yet.......   More than
thinkin with a full tank.....