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Re: turbos power

Nope, Rs2 is different than the stock k26, but it is a k26 bearing housing
and shaft...  All other pieces hot and cold side are porsche specd....  Yes
the same as the RS2 avant, yes based on the 20v engine, but is a bolt on to
the 10v app, with minor to no revisions....  Taking your k26, you aren't
going to easily get the RS2, but you can get some ponies out of the stock
unit....  Did the IA stage II myself, no familiarity with tap, but price
sounds right ....

Yes aware of the honda sterling marriage and the saab 9000 if I remember
correctly.....   The 4 cyl is not a good program in my book unless you take
the 944 t/s....   The legend is a nice car, but me thinks there are some more
interesting cars in that market price range....  And the trans rebuild on my
buddies cost him 1800 at 90k, maybe a honda lemon tho.....  Not sure I prefer
the 5 cyl either tho, it's designed well, but would rather have a 2.5-3.0 v6
with a turbo as a starting point...  But, then that v8 wouldn't be so bad

Colors:  87 5ktqRS2  Dark Grey met/grey leather (light tint on window s/ no,
like none stickers/tags or markings and 16X7.5 BBS wheels the only
indication, cept the rings in front)  86 5ktqRs22b  

86 5ktqRS22B  Silver Quartz Met / DGrey leather  (light tint, and no
markings/ stock wheels for now)...