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Re: turbos power

RS2 with my other mods (and some I won't tell): 2.0 max bar boost  1.8
bar@26-2800 (and instantaneous), 1.6+@2200-2400, don't push or measure below
that, used the early part of my friends S4 response as my goal on my car,
think I got it plus, plus 4wheel tire patch in first gear if you so desire...
 I will assure you that a ride in my RS2 is enough to make you a believer...
 I'll be at grattan QC in MI april 29 30....  The spoolup is an advantage of
the S4, but some careful tuning will make the RS2 outperform it with ease and
at all (cept maybe yer 1950 measurement) rpms...  Again not just thinkin....