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Re: weight vs hp

Again, the gains you'll get in cornering will depend on where you take it
off....  I assure you that I come from not only a racing background, but did
lots of suspension tuning with the help of a g analyst and a vericom, both in
my possession...  Your gain in lateral g's will come in the mildest of
increments and the first one I'd do is in unsprung weight (yes yer wheels
argued here, and I do run 16X7.5 litewght bbs on my car)...  Then I'd look at
overhang, way b4 looking at the gains any weight savings give you...  Your
are absolutely right in terms of the last incremental increase, all other
tweeks done and equal, in racing this works well, on the street, you
prioritize, and weight is not hi yet...  I'd love to have my car at 2900lbs,
is that realistic, NO...  Is it possible, yea... Are there plenty, and i mean
plenty of other things to do first,,,,,,,  oh yes, and again, been there done
that......  I don't know your app, but even b4 my latest of tweeks, and my
skinny 205/55 tires, there were few of the tcq that wern't being passed at
the tracks just removing my spare tire....