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Re: RS2

That would be RS22B (RS2 to be)...  Yep, working on having the 86 rs2
installed b4 grattan, and just sent in my registration for the event BTW....
 My posts were in argument of tossing weight, I'm at full curb until I find a
reason to go otherwise (prob saved 25lb on wheels and tires tho)....  If
you're running stock, start with the upgraded computer then go with the
schrick 272 cam, k&N, and a "reduced extriction" exhaust, somewhere below the
driver seat, is where I'd look....  Yes the RS2 is the euro Porsche RS2
turbocharger, and it is quite a piece of Porsche spec...  It is very pleasing
to the low end as well as hi... and I would get one b4 the S4 unless you can
get a real cheap price on the S4...  For starters, ck out the computer and
the 272 cam...  Then go from there.....  There's plenty of power in the stock
5ktq k26 turbo, certainly enough to put the car into the S4 category, and
easily enough to make the 200tq a very expensive looking upgrade....

All badges deleted, like all, just the rings on the grill, the big wheels,
and when you see it you'll know who I am....  Hope you make the drive, I know
I'll be giving lots of rides...  Going up to Rocton 2-morrow for the
Blackhawk sunday to hopefully meet up with Ned Ritchie, figgr I owe him at
least a ride for his help in creating this beast, and found a few extra
tweeks (like a lot)  that hopefully will keep me from throwing those
"sandbags" (per AUDIDUDI) off the car for a while.....