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Re: G-Analyst

Had mine for way back in the GLH turbo (CS and CSP, didn't even need to run
the full improvements to get the trophy hardware against the wildest of
crx's, credit the GA with that) days almost 10years now...  Not even sure you
can still get one, but try Valentine Research (makers of the V-1 RD)...
 That's where I got mine....  I'm constantly helping my "in Search of"
friends tweek in various rides with baseline vs improvement, and the
G-analyst is much more in demand than the vericom...  But the Vericom is
accurate vs itself, where the g-analyst is good vs seat of the pants thinkin'
(and gives you 100ths of a g accuracy on tweeks)...  One of my better toys...
 Drive on out bob, we can knock the hella's off at the same time... :~)