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5KCSTQ: Alt cooling duct, front licence plate

Hi all,

I quick question for all you Audi gurus.  I have a 87 5000CSTQ,  and since I've
moved to a place with only one licence plate required, I'd like to remove the
front licence plate holder (I could put some sort of placard type plate there,
but no need to give the fuzz a laser target).  Do I need to remove the front
bumper to take this off?  If so, whats the quick and dirty approach, the
Bentleys spells it out pretty well so can you think of any gotchas?

Also, since I bought my car used (after it had been in an accident) it came back
from the shop with no alternator cooling duct or hose.  I bought the hose from
the dealer but still dont hve the duct - is it critical (it wasn't in Maine, but
here in Arizona it might be) - any thoughts?

Thanks for any help

Randall Paquette
87 5000CSTQ
92 VW Passat