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Audis vs. Hondas (again)

(Going where angels fear to tread wearing Nomex wings...)

I earned my way through school as a Honda Service technician ("We allays 
sus-peckted thar wuz sumthin' pee-cu-liar 'bout him...") and have 
worked on them for nearly 20 years.  Even *I* have to admit (unmodified) 
Honda transmissions ('specially slushboxes) are an eventual weak point, 
with problems coming as early as 100K miles in mid-'80s 5-speeds and at 
about 50K miles with the mid-'70s "Hondamatics" (semiauto clutchless 
2-speeds) and reasonably hard use.  Recent models are better ('specially the 
synchros--can you say "crashbox?"), but Legends aren't immune and simply 
cost more to repair...*lots* more.  They're buggers, too (gotta 
disassemble nearly the *whole* front suspension to get 'em out, though 
you can *just* remove the halfshafts without popping the lower balljoints).  

Count your blessings, Audikind.  Cheers  :) and happy motoring,

Dan "You mean everyone *doesn't* double-clutch?" Wood

There, did it at last.  Flames due from at *least* two marques' fans! :D