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Re: Bra / Deflector

       I was wondering of anyone had put a bra an their late model 

Why? Is the front starting to sag?

   5000/100/200 series car? Since the warm weather started, I am getting 
   really annoyed by bugs hitting my windshield, and it would be nice to 
   have a deflector to deflect them over the car. Am I correct in thinking 
   that a bra will do this? I was also under the impression that a bra could 
   help deflect rocks and things that will chip my paint over the car...is 
   this true?

A bra (or "condom", or ...) will protect the front end from being chipped
by pebbles, etc.

A "deflector" may or may not disrupt the airflow enough to keep bugs off
the windshield. It's a great big honkin'ugly plastic plate that somehow
attaches to the front of the car, and disrupts the airflow something ma-
jor. Consider what this will do to your car's Handling; Mileage; Aesthe-
tics; Passenger compartment airflow (which depends muchly on the natural
airflow to "pile up" a high-pressure zone at the front base of your wind-
shield -- right where all those slits are to "vent" fresh air into the
human space).

Can't remember ever seeing a bra for any Audi; mostly what they have in
front is lights and grill, neither of which you want to block off!!!!!!

And they're ugly, too (IMHO).