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Re: Bra / Deflector

On Sat, 8 Apr 1995, Brooks Ellis wrote:
>     I was wondering of anyone had put a bra an their late model 
> 5000/100/200 series car? Since the warm weather started, I am getting 
> really annoyed by bugs hitting my windshield, and it would be nice to 
> have a deflector to deflect them over the car. Am I correct in thinking 
> that a bra will do this? I was also under the impression that a bra could 
> help deflect rocks and things that will chip my paint over the car...is 
> this true?
>     Finally, if anyone has one, and it works/doesn't work, and/or know of 
> a good brand to buy, please let me know.

A bra and/or deflector would certainly help to keep bugs away.  They are 
also great in preventing stone chips.   However, I find them (bra) a real 
pain because I have to take them off and on for car wash or wax, etc.  
But the worst part is that sand or small stones may be trapped at the 
bra.  Moist also built up, collecting road dirt, over time and the 
natural outdoor weathering may even cost discoloration, most noticeably 
at the border of the bra.

I bought one for my VW GTI, used it for a while but end up just sitting 
in the garage.  Therefore I don't recommend bra.

"Reflector" is a different matter.  I never had one, so I don't know.  It 
seems like a good idea.  At least it helps to keep the stone from hitting 
the front of the hood.  I do get a fair amount of stone chips on my car.
I don't know how well a deflector (assuming they are the plastic shield 
mounted on a lot of MPV or minivans).  I have not seen one on Audi.  I am 
not sure it would even look good on Audi.

Solomon Ngan     '90 90Q20V / '84 5000S