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Re: Bra / Deflector

On Sun, 9 Apr 1995, Bob D'Amato wrote:

> I saw an audi 90 with a really sharp form fitting plexiglass hood 
> 'thing'. It looked really sharp, and had a little flip up on the rear of 
> it. It appeared to fit under the hood and sort of wraps over the hood 
> about 1.5" without touching it then flips up. I would consider getting 
> one just for the stone chips. The paint on these things are terrible, not 
> very durable.  Its something I would have on only this time of year when 
> there is still sand on the roads, but take it off in the summer.


I sure agree with you.  I hood is infested with stone chips.  I hate it.
Let me know if you find the "plexiglass hood 'thing'", its brand, price 
and where can I buy them.  How well do they work ?

Solomon Ngan     '90 90Q20V / '84 5000S