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*Good car wax??

          I like to keep my car clean and waxed all the time.  In doing so I've
 used many different cleaning/ car care products.  The best car  wax I found wa
s  Zymol.  It's made from all natural fruit and vegetable extracts (it even sme
lls good!).  The stuff gives the best shine available, but is not a cleaner wax
, so you should use the Zymol HD Cleanse before you use it.  The pre-wax cleane
r works great also--literally gets your car squeeky clean (you'll hear it squee
k as you buff it off with the cloth!).  The stuff is expensive at about $40 a j
ar, but it will last a while and when you see the finnish, you'll be glad you b
ought it.

           The product might have improved recently, and I'm sur it has, but I
used Meguiar's a few years ago and it took way too much work/ buffing to use an
d I swore I'd never use it again.  It took me forever to do the car, and I wasn
't impressed with the stuff.  Zymol is easy to use and it doesn't take all day
to wax the car.  BTW, if your car has plenty of light scratches, road dirt, and
 has acid rain damage (problem here), then you might want to think about gettin
g it detailed--power buffed.  It's expensive, but those minor imperfections in
your cars paint job will be gone and they usually will shampoo the carpets and
detail the engine too.

            I know I'm starting to sound like a Californian--waxing everything,
 but I want to maintain the car's beautiful finnish.  If you don't want to spen
d too much, they started selling Zymol liqid wax with cleaner (I think) at most
 of your local auto supply places,  and it's much cheaper than the paste--Don't
 know if it's as good though (probably not).

             Oh and for the surfboards, use Mr. Zogg's Sex Wax!

                                                           Dan Hussey
                                                            '88 5kTQ