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*Good car wax??

        BTW, I wanted to give few more tips before y'all run out and do the Spr
ing wax thing.

         First, no matter what wax you use, make sure the car is *very* clean.
 So, it's a good idea to give your car a bath before you wax it.

         Second, get real stuck on dirt and road grime with some Bug and Tar Re
mover, or it will just get preserved under you're wax coating.  Dirt this close
 to the paint is very bad.

         Third, Wax your car in a shaded area, such as your garage.  Waxing in
direct sunlight is *very* bad and will cause the wax to dry onto your car befor
e it can be buffed off.

          Fourth, Do small areas in a swirling motion.  Overlapping is good to
make sure you didn't miss any spots.  Don't let wax sit on your car for too lon
g before buffing it off.

          Fifth, use the water bead test.  Your wax job should hold water!