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Re: Weight differences

On Sat, 8 Apr 1995, Andrew Shea wrote:

>  Graydon,
> 	If you are looking to build the ultimate Q-ship. . . 
> 	Why not look at a 1984 4000s quattro?  The weight on that
> quattro is much lower than any other weight yet discussed.  Remove the
> a/c, put in some light weight seats, lightened fly wheel, light weight
> racing rims, no tire bigger than an 205/50/15, add the 5kt motor(bump
> the boost), and relocate the battery to the trunk to help offset the weight of 
> the new motor.  Just thinking!
> 	Andrew Shea
> 	I think I've almost convinced myself to try this project!!!!


	Sounds like a great project to me.  I'll be keeping an eye out 
for a nice '84 4000 Quattro....

Graydon D. Stuckey

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