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Re: weight differences

>  The GVWR and the vehicle's actual weight are two
>  different stories.  The GVWR is its maximum 
>  payload, I thought. 

It is.  Where I wrote (gvwr - payload capacity), I intended 
that to read "gvwr minus payload capacity."  I took  gvwr 
numbers coming from the door jamb sticker and payload 
capacity coming from the tire inflation sticker.  Admittedly
not as precise as putting the car on a scale, but I come
close to published curb weights this way (magazines, 
mfgr brochures).

Also, I checked some numbers this weekend on the Honda:  the 
2400# number was for an '87 Accord DX, no A/C.  The LX and LXi 
models were probably closer to 2600# what with standard A/C, 
moon roof, etc.  so... probably closer to 22#/hp for the LXi. 
(The DX and LX had lower output--I think about 105 bhp)