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Re: Mikey buys a wagon

>>That was me....., The one I bought is in better shape and cheaper.....

>Mike, you're holding out on us price watchers.  Whaddya pay?


Sorry Lynn,  Here's the Scoop!!!

It's a 1989 100 Wagon (Avant) with Ice Blue Exterior, Dark
to Medium Blue Leather interior, Power sunroof, windows, locks, 
60/40 split seats, memory seats, computer, Heated Seats, 
2 rear cargo covers.  It's an original owner with all the dealer
service records from day one.  No accidents or paint work,  There
is a small dent in the passenger front door though :-(.  It looks
just like the one in my 89 100 sedan from some idiot who didn't
quite have enough room to make his uturn!  Fortunately My brother
the car detailer and ex-bodywork man say's he can pop it out and 
you'll hardly notice.  I'd rather do that than do any paint work. 
otherwise It's in excellent shape.  It's got 92k miles and the drum 
rollll please.....I payed $8,500.-  The asking price,  I Hated to do
it but the guy wasn't dealing.  It was the first day in the paper and I
was the first guy to call.  I overheard him talking to another 
buyer who called while I was There, I was afraid I'd lose it and my wife
was giving me that look like this is the one!!!! 

We pick it tuesday!!! I can't wait....


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