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Re: Mikey buys a wagon

> It's a 1989 100 Wagon (Avant) with Ice Blue Exterior, Dark
> to Medium Blue Leather interior, Power sunroof, windows, locks, 
> 60/40 split seats, memory seats, computer, Heated Seats, 
> 2 rear cargo covers.  It's an original owner with all the dealer
> service records from day one.  No accidents or paint work,  There
> is a small dent in the passenger front door though :-(.  It looks
> just like the one in my 89 100 sedan from some idiot who didn't
> quite have enough room to make his uturn!  Fortunately My brother
> the car detailer and ex-bodywork man say's he can pop it out and 
> you'll hardly notice.  I'd rather do that than do any paint work. 
> otherwise It's in excellent shape.  It's got 92k miles and the drum 
> rollll please.....I payed $8,500.-  The asking price,  I Hated to do
> it but the guy wasn't dealing.  It was the first day in the paper and I
> was the first guy to call.  I overheard him talking to another 
> buyer who called while I was There, I was afraid I'd lose it and my wife
> was giving me that look like this is the one!!!! 

Wow ... guess the $6,800 I paid for my '87 5000 wagon (one owner, 35k miles,
all service records, mint, mint, mint) back in '93 was a better deal than I
realized!  They started at $9,800 and didn't get any calls; six weeks later
they were down to $7,500 and jumped at my offer ... good thing, too, as I'd
have readily paid $7,500 (it was only force of habit that caused me to make
them an offer!).

I hope you enjoy yours.  I certainly loved mine for the four months I drove
it before "lending" it to my mother after her car was stolen.  I've thought
about asking my parents to buy it from me but then I remember how much they
paid for my six years of college and bite my tongue... 

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