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Re: Muffler change (repost)

On Tue, 11 Apr 1995, Minven Wang wrote:

> Thanks for explaining why exhurst drips water.  But I haven't got any answer
> whether off-brand mufflers can fit to an Audi, i.e., whether I can change
> muffler at Sears or any non-Audi-specialists?

I had a Midas system and it wasn't worth a damn.  It hasn't lasted long 
at all.  I suspect a performance decrease due to the small compression 
bent tubing as well.  

The 'Net wisdom seems to be:
Use a good quality European system, such as:
Ansa, Leistritz(sp?), Gillet, etc.
The Stainless steel Borla's are supposed to be pretty good too.
			----Bob Phillips