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Re: 4KS "Normal" oil temp.?

On Tue, 11 Apr 1995, Edward Armstrong wrote:

>   One rare occasions (90 F day, city driving I have seen it approach 130C
> on the guage). When you say "barely moves pass 60" does this mean to the 
> first hash passed 60. If so I think your guage is normal.

When I say barely, I really mean *barely*!!  I can run a 6000rpm, 
screaming, run-the-guts-out autocross event and then sit in 90 deg. heat 
for 10 minutes in line and it hasn't ever gotten to the 130 mark that I 
have seen.  It seems to climb *just* above the 60 mark, as in, the little 
needle barely clears the mark for 60.
				----Bob Phillips