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Re: fuel/satan?

>2 questions, one Audi related, the other not...
>On my 90q20V, I know it adjusts timing etc on the fly, and I cant change
>that. Does this imply I can use the higher octane fuels and actually get
>something out of it??

Why, yes indeed!  That's the benefit of changing the ignition timing on the
fly.  You can maximize the timing curve by advancing until knock, then back
it off in "real-time" (so to speak).

Another trick that's come up here from time to time is to pre-advance the
distributor from it's idle-setting a few degrees and ONLY run higher octane
fuels.  Benefits???  Dunno.  Perhaps they're trying to cheat some pre-set
advance limit by pre-advancing the ignition to begin with.

>other question.. On april 5th Satan was released to the public domain. It
>is an internet 'security' program. Since it is my job here, I thought it
>would be helpful. Anyone know where I can get it? Thanks

It's runnable from a Web server....I believe www.fish.com.  Do yourself a
favor and run it on your site *before* the bad guys do!!!!


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