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Re: fuel/satan?

On Tue, 11 Apr 1995, Christopher Ice wrote:

> Why, yes indeed!  That's the benefit of changing the ignition timing on the
> fly.  You can maximize the timing curve by advancing until knock, then back
> it off in "real-time" (so to speak).
> Another trick that's come up here from time to time is to pre-advance the
> distributor from it's idle-setting a few degrees and ONLY run higher octane
> fuels.  Benefits???  Dunno.  Perhaps they're trying to cheat some pre-set
> advance limit by pre-advancing the ignition to begin with.

Thats good to know! At least I havent been wasting my money all this 
time. I always look at it like an extra buck per tankfull... big deal. 
But I cant pre advance the distributer, no matter where  I set it, it 
automatically sets itself. Was the strangest thing. Funniest thing, when 
I put in the new distributer, I had everything lined up etc...seems it 
didnt matter at all. I could turn it all over the place and it stayed in 
time. I was amazed.

> >other question.. On april 5th Satan was released to the public domain. It
> >is an internet 'security' program. Since it is my job here, I thought it
> >would be helpful. Anyone know where I can get it? Thanks
> It's runnable from a Web server....I believe www.fish.com.  Do yourself a
> favor and run it on your site *before* the bad guys do!!!!
Thanks for the satan info. Will DEFINATELY try before the bad guys do. 
Hope I dont have anything to worry about!

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