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Re: fuel/satan?

Bob writes:

> other question.. On april 5th Satan was released to the public domain.
> It is an internet 'security' program. Since it is my job here, I thought
> it would be helpful. Anyone know where I can get it? Thanks

Well, Bob, methinks a couple of the monster tqcs described on this group could 
be referred to as Satan, particularly that red urQ that is now my Windoze 
background shot

Anyway, doncha love it when your worlds collide?

WRT Satan, I'm sure that it's been discussed ad naseum on some of the 
newsgroups, but if you need to find something on the net, try out this nifty 
little utility (it's free for 30 days):


It found a *lot* of references to Satan, as you can prolly imagine. Here's one 
that looks promising. The title of the site is "Satan Release Information"


I just checked it...it's got everything you need to be a certifiable net.cracker
<g>. Just stay away from idcresearch.com, huh?


Lee Levitt

btw, I'm simply a satisfied user of infoseek. No financial gain possible.